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Cook a christmas turkeyWhat are the cooking times for a Christmas Turkey?
So, you have your turkey and you need to know how long to cook it for before it can be served (if you have a frozen turkey, make sure it is fully thawed before you cook it).
Check out the guide below that will give you suggested times that you will need to get your turkey cooked through properly.

VERY IMPORTANT: Always check before serving that it is cooked all the way through by scewering it to the middle and checkign that any liquid comes out is clear. If it has a pink or red colour then Turkey needs to be cooked for longer!

As a basic guide you should use the follwoing when figuring out how long to cook you turkey for. These times are for use in a pre-heated oven at 180ºC/350�F/Gas Mark 4
Also, they are for a Turkey that is UN-stuffed and in a standard oven. If using a fan-assisted oven cooking times may not be for as long (check the manufacturers handbook). Also, if you cook the Turkey with the stuffing inside the Turkey you will need to add extra time onto these guidelines as the turkey will take longer to cook properly.

  • For a Turkey 4.5KG and under you should allow 45 minutes of cooking time PER kg plus 20 minutes extra.
  • For a Turkey between 4.5KG and 6.5KG you should allow 40 minutes of cooking time PER kg
  • For a Turkey 6.5KG and over you should allow 35 minutes of cooking time PER kg