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Cook a christmas turkeyHow do I cook a Christmas Turkey?
Cooking a Christmas Turkey can a bit daunting, especially if it is your first time or you have family or friends coming round to eat it with you at Christmas Dinner!
First off, you had better make sure your turkey is defrosted or your in trouble, check out our guidelines for defrosting a turkey based on what size it is and then also check out the suggested cooking times for a turkey, this way you can be prepared. The fact you are on this page now suggests you probably already know and have done the 2 things above so we can get on with preparing and cooking the Christmas Turkey!
First, get yourself your favourite drink poured and enjoy it as you cook the dinner, it is Christmas after all!

1 Turkey

Before you cook or do anythign else with the turkey you need to remove the giblets, make sure if you are keeping them to put them in a clean seperate container and that you was down anyt hing they come into contact with throuhgly, including your hands!

When you cook the turkey you have to decide if you are going to cookj the stuffing inside the turkey or seperately. It is safer to cook it seperately as this then allows the heat inside the cavity in the turkey and help to cook it. If you put stuffing in the turkey then you will have to allow it to cook for longer (maybe 15-20 minutes longer) as it will take longer for it to cook the turkey and the stuffing properly