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Defrosting christmas turkeyHow long does it take to thaw a frozen Turkey?
It is VERY important before you cook your turkey to make sure that it is fully defrosted!
This makes it better when you come to cook the turkey so you can make sure the whole turkey is cooked through properly

When you come to thaw your turkey you need to think where abouts you are going to place it and to make sure it is kep covered to avoid any pets/children/flies etc touching the turkey!

The ideal place to defrost a turkey is in the fridge. If this is not possible you can use a cool room (including a garage or shed) or a room at room temperature.
Make sure you work out the time it will take to defrost in advance so you can make sure you leave enough time for it to fully defrost properly!

If defrosting in the fridage you should leave about 10-12 hours per kg. This is based on a fridge temperature of about 4ºC/39ºF. If your fridge is nt this temperature you should adjust the time it takes.

In a cool room below 17ºC you should allow 3 to 4 hours per kg to defrost. Again, you have to vary this depending on actually how cool the room is.

If you are thawing at roo temperate 20ºC you should leave about 2 hours per kg to defrost.

It is VERY important that you allow the turkey to defrost properly before cooking so make sure you plan ahead and leave enough time!